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Sept. Mehrere Beamte der Guardia Civil waren zuvor in Barcelona im Zentralregierung in Madrid will Katalonien-Referendum verhindern. 1. Okt. 1. Oktober , Uhr Kommentare. Unabhängigkeitsreferendum Katalonien: Zorn gegen die Polizei: Straßenszene aus Barcelona. 3. Okt. Das Unabhängigkeitsreferendum in Katalonien spaltet Spanien. Ein Symbol für den katalanischen Protest ist aktuell der FC Barcelona. Hundreds injured in Spain after referendum On 4 OctoberMireia Boyaa lawmaker of the Popular Unity Candidacy CUPannounced that a declaration of independence would likely come after the parliamentary barcelona fußballspieler on 9 October. Facebook Twitter Google plus. Follow dwnews on Beste Spielothek in Warbende finden The action drew criticism at home Tulip House Slot Machine - Play Now with No Downloads abroad. It was very emotional. We are the government of Spain and I am the head of the government of Spain and I accepted my responsibility. Although many Catalans managed to cast their ballots, others were forcibly stopped from voting Multi Spin Spelautomaten | Sverige schools housing ballot boxes were raided eurogrand casino bonus police acting on the orders of the Catalan high court. Barcelona Spain Europe Carles Puigdemont news. The former Catalan president was banned after organizing an illegal Catalan independence referendum in In a statement on its official websiteLas Palmas said it wants to support the "unity of Spain". Thousands take to streets in Barcelona protesting police violence over referendum Barcelona metro stations were closed, pickets blocked roads and state workers walked out on Tuesday in protests across Catalonia over a Spanish police crackdown on a banned independence referendum. The ballot papers carried lowen play casino questions: Puigdemont added that the decision barcelona referendum hold the referendum was reached after ruby casino no deposit months of efforts to agree on a date and the wording of skispringen spiel gratis question with the Madrid government failed. Retrieved 28 September Estimates of the number of people eligible wiedwald vote range between 5. Retrieved 9 September Retrieved 13 April Oct 01, On Sunday, Rajoy said kings casino prag ballot had failed, while Puigdemont vowed to continue with the independence Beste Spielothek in Steinhaus finden. Catalans Beste Spielothek in Kleinblittersdorf finden to split from Spain. Protesters hold Spanish flags during amsterdam casino 25 demonstration against independence for Catalonia on October 8. It also made clear that Switzerland fully respects Spanish Augsburg schalke and that in any case any facilitation of the process could only take place in case that both sides requested it.

About people were injured across the region as Spanish police moved in to close polling stations. Rajoy makes the comments as polls close in the controversial referendum and counting of ballot begins, with Catalan health services raising the number of people injured by police on Sunday to Rajoy thanks the police for doing their duties and says he will call a meeting with all political parties to reflect on the future together.

In a separate statement, the Catalan health service said had been hurt, with two in serious condition in hospital. On Twitter, the football club said it wasn't allowed to postpone the match.

Therefore, the board of directors decided the game will be played without any fans present. The club also said it condemns today's events and it supports freedom of speech.

Earlier today, several FC Barcelona players stated they were in favour of holding the controversial referendum on the future of Catalonia. According to BeIN Sports Spain, there is a possibility the game will be played behind closed doors without any fans present.

Despite the apparent cancellation of the match, thousands of fans have gathered at Camp Nou. In a response, the Catalan regional government has called on the injured to file complaints with the Spanish police department.

Several police officers also got injured. According to Spain's Ministry of Interior, at least nine police officers and two civil guard officials were also injured.

She also said the Catalan government has behaved with absolute irresponsibility in holding referendum. Colau mainly criticised the behaviour of the Spanish police.

In a statement on its official website , Las Palmas said it wants to support the "unity of Spain". Earlier on Sunday, several prominent FC Barcelona players showed their support in favour of the referendum.

According to an earlier statement, about 73 percent of pollings stations remained open despite attempts by police to close voting centres.

Berger sanchezberger October 1, After these videos of police violence against voters and protesters emerged, the Guardia Civil police department has said it is "resisting harassment and provocations proportionally" while "defending the law".

Catalonia referendum - Today's questions answered In a message on Twitter the Guardia Civil also posted a video purportedly showing the harassment and provocation the written statement was referring to.

Zoido made the comment on his Twitter account, accompanied by a video of a police officer helping a man and child. The government called the injuries "the result of the repression by the Spanish police".

Several people claimed they were injured by the rubber balls fired by the police. Another man showed injuries to his back saying that "we have to protest in a non-violent way but but how will we end up?

Turull called for Catalans to remain calm and patient but to defend "in a civic and peaceful manner" their right to vote. Turull issued the statement after riot police blocked voting in some polling centers and confiscated ballot boxes amid clashes with protesting voters.

Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont had to divert to Cornella de Terri, near the northern city of Girona, after police took over control of the original polling station where he planned to vote.

Puigdemont is one of the key separatist politicians who has pushed to go ahead with the vote despite the Constitutional Court banning the referendum.

A Catalan voter told Al Jazeera, "We want our country free. Protesters shouting, "We will vote" and "Get out" marched towards the riot police. According to Swiss national radio, the Foreign Ministry of Switzerland has offered to mediate between the two sides in the crisis.

It also made clear that Switzerland fully respects Spanish Sovereignty and that in any case any facilitation of the process could only take place in case that both sides requested it.

The Spanish police and Guardia Civil mounted operations to close the polling stations. The security forces met resistance from citizens who obstructed their access to the voting tables; in Sant Julia de Ramis, where Puigdemont was expected to vote, [] they were joined by Corps of Firefighters of Catalonia members who formed a "human shield" separating the police from civilians to help obstruct their access to the polling station.

According to the Ministry of the Interior , rubber bullets balls were only used against demonstrators in one of those incidents in the Barcelona's Eixample district.

The Spanish government endorsed the police actions ordered by the regional high court. Various images and reports used to magnify the claims of police violence were circulated but were later found to be inaccurate or photoshopped , [] [] [] [] [] and reports argued later that such posts, as well as conspiracy theories, had been amplified through the same network of social network profiles that had earlier promoted alt-right and pro-Putin views during earlier elections in Western countries.

According to the judge, there were persons injured on that day in the city of Barcelona alone, 20 of whom were agents. Of those injured, most were minor, but four people were hospitalised by the emergency health service and of those, two were in serious condition, one due to impact from a rubber ball in the eye in the protests, the other for unrelated causes..

There was a police charge near school Ramon Llull. When police officers tried to enter inside the polling station, voters responded with a sit-in protest to block their way in.

Few minutes later more anti-riot police was deployed in the zone and they could find the way in after breaking the polling station door.

Police officers confiscated the ballot boxes, some of them with votes inside. In their way out, voters blocked the passage of the police cars standing or sitting in front of the police vehicles.

The Police didn't provide medical reports for some of them and didn't explain how they were produced. The Mossos d'Esquadra have been accused of failing to execute the direct order issued by the High Court of Justice of Catalonia and not closing the voting centers before the voting commenced, or not confiscating voting materials on the day of the poll.

According to the final report by the Catalan Health Service CatSalut of the Generalitat, there were 1, people attended by the Catalan hospitals in connection with the Catalan Referendum: On 20 October , the last injured person left the hospital.

Regarding the age distribution: This figures include 12 police officers: As of August the spread between Spanish year government debt and German bonds was close to its narrowest in seven years; however, since the start of July the yield on the Catalan regional government's bonds had jumped by about 50 basis points, [] signaling unease among investors in regards to the referendum issue.

The Spanish Property Insight web portal quoted a real estate agent as saying, "The number of foreign buyers in Barcelona fell from a record level in September to zero in the first two weeks of October".

Stratfor suggested financial market disruption is due to the political upheaval. It'll take quite a bit longer to assess where this is going and what this will mean, how the EU will react, how the Spanish government will react.

So I don't think you'll see people adjusting their portfolios on Monday, but you could get the classic knee-jerk, risk-off reaction.

On 10 October in a speech in front of the Catalan parliament Puigdemont stated that he considered the referendum results to be valid and in consequence used the following wording: In response the Central government made a formal request for him to answer before the Monday 16 October if he declared independence asking specifically for yes or no answer clarifying that any answer different than a "no" would be interpreted as a "yes".

Since he refused to abandon his independence push, on 21 October the Spanish government initiated the implementation of article of the Spanish constitution.

On 27 October , the Parliament of Catalonia unilaterally declared independence from Spain. The measure is intended to be temporary; its claimed objective being to "re-establish the rule of law" and restore autonomy after new elections.

On 16 January , the Spanish Constitutional Court issued a temporary restraining order regarding the work of the Catalan Government commission that investigates the violation of fundamental rights in Catalonia.

Different sources describe aspects of the events differently according to their political stance. TV3 covered the referendum and the police violence regularly while TVE mainly emphasised the Spanish government's position on its legality.

Various media reported on fake images of police violence against civilians that were posted in social networks.

Later investigations by Medium-DFRL said it found support for some but not all of the arguments made by Spanish outlets.

Those two being the first and the third top-sellers in the category of non-fiction in Catalan language during the Diada de Sant Jordi of On 15 June, the exhibition 55 Ballot Boxes for Freedom opened in Brussels, with artwork inspired by the ballot boxes of the Catalan referendum.

Netflix used images from the police action during the day of the referendum to promote Black Mirror series in Spain. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Catalan self-determination referendum, ; Catalan regional election, ; and Declaration of the Initiation of the Process of Independence of Catalonia.

Reactions to the Catalan independence referendum, This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

Catalan declaration of independence and Spanish constitutional crisis. La Vanguardia in Spanish. El Confidencial in Spanish. El Mundo in Spanish.

Archived from the original PDF on 16 July Retrieved 3 October Top court officially rules Catalan referendum illegal". Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 16 October Court blocks independence referendum".

Retrieved 18 October Retrieved 5 October Retrieved 13 September Hoy por hoy in Spanish. The Catalan government has not set a threshold for minimum turnout, arguing the vote will be binding regardless of the level of participation.

Retrieved 18 September Retrieved 30 September Region votes overwhelmingly for independence from Spain". Retrieved 4 October Turull said more people would have voted had it not been for Spanish police suppression.

Up to , votes were lost as a result of the crackdowns at police stations, the Catalan government estimated. What you need to know".

Retrieved 2 October AP — via www. Retrieved 11 October Retrieved 19 October UN chief hopes sides will solve Catalan crisis". Retrieved 10 October Police Used Excessive Force in Catalonia".

Retrieved 16 June Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 30 March Retrieved 8 October Retrieved 23 June Retrieved 25 January Retrieved 27 March Retrieved 29 June Retrieved 6 September Retrieved 16 April Diari Ara in Catalan.

Retrieved 11 April Sastre, Daniel 22 March Retrieved 30 June Retrieved 4 July Retrieved 14 July Retrieved 17 July Retrieved 21 July Retrieved 26 July Retrieved 21 October Retrieved 12 September Retrieved 23 September Retrieved 9 September Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 22 October Antena 3 in Spanish.

Troops sent in as 40, protest over 'WAR' on Catalan independence vote". Retrieved 27 October Diari de Girona in Catalan.

Spanish judge jails two independence leaders for possible sedition". Official State Gazette in Spanish. Retrieved 28 October Cadena SER in Spanish.

Retrieved 14 September Retrieved 17 April Association for Progressive Communications. The Tor Project, Inc.

Retrieved 1 October The Spanish state has also become a prison for democracy, since it has trampled on the rights of the Catalans;" see "Basque terrorist group ETA slams Madrid's opposition to Catalan independence vote".

Retrieved 7 October Ministry of Foreign Affairs. People's Republic of China. Retrieved 20 September Retrieved 28 September Ministry of Foreign Affairs Serbia.

Retrieved 27 September Jeremy Corbyn urges Theresa May to intervene 'to find political solution to the crisis ' ". They go way beyond rights and wrongs of independence.

referendum barcelona -

Boxkampf über viele Runden Täglich gibt es neue Provokationen, Urteile, Winkelzüge, Aufrufe und Massnahmen — die Regionalregierung in Barcelona und die Zentralregierung in Madrid haben sich in einem verbissenen Ringen ineinander verkrallt. Hunderttausende versammelten sich zum Jahrestag in Barcelona. Das katalanische Gesundheitsdepartement meldet Verletzte, von denen zwei mit schweren Verletzungen im Spital behandelt werden. Dutzende Menschen werden verletzt. Das sind der Gemeinden Kataloniens. Obwohl Spaniens Verfassungsgericht dieses verboten hat, versammeln sich am 1. Es gibt Stimmlokale in ganz Katalonien. Eine Verständigung in diesem Bereich ermöglicht allenfalls den Regierenden in Barcelona einen gesichtswahrenden Ausweg aus der Aufstellung belgien, in die sie sich manövriert haben. Die Verfügung der Zentralregierung ist noch nicht in Kraft; die Regionalregierung hat Rekurs eingelegt. Sie alle haben nach Ansicht der Richter Gelder der Regionalregierung veruntreut, als sie am 9. Wirtschaftlich und politisch verliert Katalonien zunehmend seine Rolle als Fortschrittsmotor Spaniens, trotz den Olympischen Spielen — auch weil der Süden bei Grossprojekten meist bevorzugt wird. Wie die Madrider Sportzeitung "Marca" berichtet, war sich auch die Mannschaft uneins. Die Menge sang wiederholt die katalanische Hymne. Die meisten hätten aber antreten wollen. Ok Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Oktober für ein unabhängiges Katalonien. Zwei Personen werden mit der Ambulanz weggebracht. Die katalanische Regionalregierung richtete monte carlo resort and casino wiki neue Wahllokale ein. Dort mussten sie lediglich ihren Personalausweis oder ein anderes Ausweisdokument zeigen. Bildlich wird oft von Beste Spielothek in Zietenhof finden unaufhaltbaren Frontalkollision zweier Züge gesprochen.

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Catalan referendum: what is happening in Barcelona? Der katalanische Regierungssprecher teilte kurz vor Öffnung der Wahllokale mit, dass man ein digitales Wählerverzeichnis eingerichtet habe. Dort vorhandene Personen muss sie registrieren und wegweisen, nötigenfalls wegbringen. Spanien hat ein neues Problem und weiss keine Lösung. In der Volksabstimmung vom Oktober hat uns unser Ziel gezeigt", so Torra. Catalonia has 'won right to statehood'. Juni das Autonomiestatut nach einem vierjährigen Verfahren in 14 von Bestimmungen für verfassungswidrig. Die ersten Befragten verweigern die Aussage. Immer häufiger wird nun ein konservativerer Weg eingeschlagen. September automatisch nach dem Referendum erfolgen sollen. Die Strafzahlungen sind fällig, solange sie der katalanischen Wahlbehörde angehören, die die illegale Abstimmung am 1. Er anerkennt damit die Autorität des obersten Gerichts Spaniens, welches das Katalonien-Referendum für verfassungswidrig befunden hat. Radikale Separatisten bewarfen Polizisten mit Gegenständen und Farbbeuteln.

Barcelona referendum -

Hier wendet sich Albert Rivera gegen die Pläne der Separatisten. In den letzten Tagen hatte der Verband der Zivilgarde-Offiziere die Unterstellung der katalanischen Regionalpolizei unter das direkte Kommando Madrids gefordert. Die Polizei soll jene Bürgermeister festnehmen, die der Vorladung nicht Folge leisteten. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Die katalanische Regionalregierung teilt mit, es gebe noch andere Wege, um das Abstimmungsmaterial zuzustellen. Die Nordic casino eines Territoriums ist damit vollkommen ausgeschlossen. La Generalitat improvisa un censo universal y sin sobres y la Guardia Civil lo bloquea. Bisher wurden mehrere Hundert Katalanen gewaltsam von Wahllokalen ferngehalten. Das Kabinett von Regionalpräsident Torra wurde in Barcelona vereidigt. Dieser Artikel oder nachfolgende Abschnitt ist nicht hinreichend mit Belegen beispielsweise Einzelnachweisen ausgestattet.

Independence supporters gather in Barcelona after Catalonia's separatist government held a referendum to decide if the region should split from Spain on Sunday, October 1.

A member of the Catalan National Assembly cries at the end of the voting day on October 1. Spanish riot police remove fences thrown at them as they try to prevent people from voting in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday, October 1.

Pro-referendum supporters clash with members of the Spanish National Police after police tried to enter a polling station to retrieve ballot boxes.

Pro-referendum supporters lock a gate to a polling station as members of the Spanish National Police arrive to control the area during voting at the Escola Industrial of Barcelona.

Spanish National Police clash with pro-referendum supporters in Barcelona. Pro-independence supporters cover a mock ballot box with Estelada Catalan flags in Pamplona, northern Spain.

People play games in a square where a giant pro-independence Estelada Catalan flag is displayed. A woman celebrates after voting at a polling station in Barcelona on October 1.

Pro-referendum supporters embrace as Spanish National Police try to remove them from the Ramon Llull school in Barcelona. People queue to vote at a school in Barcelona.

A woman casts her vote at a polling station in Barcelona. Spanish riot police shoot rubber bullets at people trying to reach a voting site designated by the Catalan government in Barcelona.

The deputy mayor of Barcelona said police fired rubber bullets at people as they attempted to vote in the referendum, which Spain's top court has declared illegal.

There were reports that police in Girona, Spain, used batons. A protestor shouts as he holds a Catalan flag during a demonstration called by far-right groups in Barcelona.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, center, arrives to inspect a sports hall as police interve in Girona, Spain. Puigdemont condemned "indiscriminate aggression" against peaceful voters.

A Spanish riot police officer swings a club against would-be voters near a school assigned to be a polling station by the Catalan government in Barcelona.

Riot police drag a member of the public away from a school being used as a polling station. Regional authorities said people were injured after Madrid deployed the national police force to close down polling stations.

Catalan emergency services confirmed the number to CNN. Catalan pro-referendum supporters vowed to ignore a police ultimatum to leave the schools they are occupying to use in a vote seeking independence from Spain.

People try to offer flowers to a civil guard at the entrance of a sports center, assigned to be a referendum polling station by the Catalan government in Sant Julia de Ramis, near Girona, Spain, October 1.

People attend a demonstration against a referendum on independence for Catalonia on October 1 in Madrid, Spain.

A woman casts her vote in a ballot at a polling station in Barcelona, on October 01 during a referendum on independence for Catalonia.

Members of Spain's national police force clear people from a polling station where Catalan President Carles Puigdemont had been expected to vote, in Sant Julia de Ramis, near Girona, Spain on October 1.

Catalan pro-referendum supporters said they would not comply with a police order to leave the schools they are occupying to use in a vote seeking independence from Spain.

A woman celebrates outside a polling station after casting her vote in Barcelona, on October 01 in a referendum on independence for Catalonia.

Family members comfort each other after they were unable to vote in the referendum after Spanish police closed their polling station October 1 in Sant Julia de Ramis, Spain.

People wait at the doors of the Moises Broggi school to start voting during the Catalan independence referendum in Barcelona, Spain on October 1.

Catalan officials called on the EU to step in. But the EU backed Madrid. The European Commission, the European Unions's executive body, said the vote was illegal.

Violence can never be an instrument in politics," the commission said in a statement posted on Twitter. It said it trusted Rajoy "to manage difficult process" in respect of the Spanish constitution.

Rajoy has said the vote was illegitimate. Today a self-determination referendum in Catalonia didn't happen," he said in a televised speech Sunday night.

Turull said more people would have voted had it not been for the Spanish police suppression. Up to , votes were lost as a result of the crackdowns at polling stations, the Catalan government estimated.

Spain's national government in Madrid has ardently resisted separation. In the runup to the vote, national authorities seized ballot papers, voter lists and campaign material.

Thousands of extra national police were sent to the region and high-ranking Catalan officials involved in organizing the referendum were arrested.

Women walk in the old quarter of Girona, Spain, draped in Catalonia's independence flag. Regional officials said polling stations were closed as a result of the police crackdown.

The Spanish Interior Ministry said 92 of about 2, polling stations were closed. While sympathy in the press and on social media lies with the Catalans, hard-right supporters of the Spanish government put Madrid under a lot of pressure to show strength, he said.

It's a no-go, red line for the Spanish right. The UK's Foreign Ministry said the referendum was a matter for the Spanish government and its people.

Spain is a close ally and a good friend, whose strength and unity matters to us," it said in a statement. Charles Michel, Belgium's Prime Minister, said that violence was never the answer and called for political dialogue.

Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, whose party strongly advocates Scottish independence said that people should be allowed to vote peacefully.

Catalan self-determination referendum, a Do you want Catalonia to become a state? Referendum results by district where saturation of colour represents the strength of vote.

Turnout is not taken into account. President list Joaquim Torra. Ministry of Home Affairs Police of Catalonia.

Catalan independence referendums, — Retrieved 28 October Retrieved 27 September Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 22 October Retrieved 28 September The "participation process" that replaced the "non-referendum consultation" maintained the same two questions.

Retrieved 10 November Retrieved 12 November No smiles for Spain". Retrieved 11 November Referendum in " in Catalan. Retrieved 18 December Retrieved 21 September Retrieved 29 September Retrieved 12 July Retrieved 23 January Retrieved 8 May Retrieved 13 December Retrieved 16 November Retrieved 9 November Retrieved 13 April La Vanguardia in Spanish.

Retrieved 30 January Retrieved 29 October Archived from the original on 19 February Archived from the original on 23 December Retrieved 17 December Retrieved 8 January El Pais - Wed 4 Dec Retrieved 13 November Archived from the original on 18 February Retrieved 24 July Retrieved 3 February Retrieved 6 February Retrieved 7 February Artur Mas independence vote case draws crowds".

Catalan nationalism and independence movement. Catalan regional election, We Do the Catalan Republic. Elections and referendums in Catalonia.

Retrieved from " https: Catalan independence movement Independence referendums Referendums in Catalonia referendums in Catalonia November events.

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